Frequent Questions

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What is a solidarity battle?

It is a competition that lasts 24 hours where several idols face their respective watacards. Fans vote for their favorite, entering the drawing for exclusive watacards and other additional prizes. The idol that receives the most votes will win.

All the benefits will go for solidarity purposes Thank you for participating!

Why do I have to participate?

1- Have fun by helping your idol to win the battle
2- Get exclusive watacards and other prizes
3- Collaborate in the fight against COVID-19

How can I participate?

¡It is very easy!

1. Look for your idols´s watacard and press "vote for this watacard"
2. Fill the form with your Name and Email
3. Select the number of votes/tickets you want to buy
4. Pay by using your credit card

At the end of the battle there will be a raffle and the idols will send the watacards to the winners

What is a watacard?

A watacard is a digital card created and digitally signed by relevant people from the world of music, cinema, sports, art and many other disciplines.
These watacards are a new kind of solidarity cards that help to collect funds for NGOs and solidarity projects.

Each of these watacards, even being digital, are part of a print run with a limited number of copies, so, apart from their emotional value, they also have collector value due to their scarcity and exclusivity. Later they can be bought and sold in our marketplace.

How many watacards are drawn in a battle?

Minimum 1 watacard per draw and maximum 4 watacards per draw.

Can I buy as many tickets as I want?

Yes, you can vote for one or more idols as many times as you wish. The more you vote, the more tickets you get and more chances of winning the final prize. Good luck!

Does the payment of the participation ensure me win a watacard?

No, what you buy is a participation in a raffle. Only a few will be the lucky ones. But do not worry. In this battle we all win. Enjoy!

If I am awarded... when and where do I receive the watacard?

Once the draw period has closed, the watacard will be sent by the idol to your Watafan wallet. You will receive it directly in "My watacards" section. Remember that we are a digital platform so you will not receive any physical copy.
Shipping can be instantly or it can take a few days since the delivery it is done by the idol himself. We will try to make it as soon as possible but it is not up to us.
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Who decides the winner of the draw?

An algorithm selects randomly the winners.

All the best for you!